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To ensure customers' satisfaction in today's highly competitive manufacturing environment, GreatWell Metals provides one-stop solution from guiding customers from pre-production design throught final production. With 15 years metalworking experience, GreatWell Metals offers a variety of high-quality value-added services to deliver completely finished metal products that meet customers' exact specification.


Sand casting a casting process that utilize sand as the mold material to form metal parts. The materials used in this process are relatively inexpensive and the sand can be reclaimed. It's achievable for most desirable properties and handling complex shapes. Thus, sand casting is widely used in metal casting. However, the casting surface finish is relatively rough. If you are looking for relatively cheap casting cost but rough surface finish, sand casting might be a suitable choice. 


Pressure die casting is a process that molten metal is injected under high pressure into premium steel molds. There are two types of die casting. Hot-chambel die casting is usally used for alloys with low melting temperatures (i.e. Zin,Megnesium alloys). Cold-chamber die casting is used for alloys with high melting temperatures ( i.e. Alumium and Zin alloys). Compared to other mass production processes, die casting provides complex shapes with closer tolerance which are durable and dimensionally stable. 


Progressive die metal stamping uses a continuous feed of material passing through multiple stations to form complete parts. A progressive die is broken into many different sections. It is among the most frequent, fastest methods offered for producing piece parts. Welding is the process through the use of extreme heat and sometimes the addition of other metals or gases, causes the metalic structures of the two pieces to join together and become one. 


Heat treatment is the process of changing metals' physical and mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength, elasticity) without changing metal shape. The process of heat treatment involves the use of heating or cooling, usually to extreme temperatures to achieve the wanted result. It is very important manufacturing processes that can not only help manufacturing process but can also improve product, its performance, and its characteristics in many ways.


Metal surface finish is a process of applying a thin complementary layer to metal product surface for a various of purposes.Metal polishing is the process of using abrasive materials to smooth and shine metal surfaces. GWM offers various plating options according to the material and your specification. It’s important to make metal polishing and plating a part of your process to remove oxidation, corrosion, or other contaminants that might tarnish the appearance of your metal surfaces.


PVD coating is a vacuum deposition process that  provides a more uniform deposit and improved adhesion in wider choice of materials to be deposited. There are no harmful chemicals to dispose of. Thus PVD coating is more environmental friendly and chemical disposal costs are minimal. Coating is used to provide improved performance, protect the products from corrosion and improve the wear resistance. GWM can always provide you the high quality consistent products.

If you are looking for a manufacture for comprehensive service, you have found it. Contact us now and get a quote for your project. We believe that your success is our success.  
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GreatWell Metals produces kinds of steel parts and aluminium parts according to customers' drawings. Our advanced production lines include lost-wax casting, cnc machining and MIM.

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