Metal Injection Molding (MIM)


Metal Injection Molding(MIM) is a kind of metal powder and binder plasticized mixture injection forming method in the model. Formed after the degreasing process to remove adhesive, and then to vacuum sintering. Sintered products are not only with complex shape and high precision of the products in plastic injection forming method, but also with the physical, chemical and mechanical properties close to forging. And it also can further densification processing, heat treatment and machining. 

•  able to directly shape small parts with complicated geometry shapes
•  high precision of parts sizes, smooth surface finish
•  applicable to the shaping of all kinds of metal powder with wide application
•  high relative density of the product with even structures and good performance

•  more expensive cost leaded by multiple steps
•  the parts manufactured using MIM are typically small



Special metal powder is mixed with high quality polymers in order to get MIM special feeding. Compared to traditional powder metallurgy, particle size of metal powde and low impurity content assure that MIM sintering density reaches a theoretical density of 98%. Besides, specially formulated multi-polymers are able to provide better liquidity during injecting and can also ensure efficient debinding ability.


MIM feedstock is heated and filled evenly into mold cavity by injection molding machines, then green components is generated after cooling down. Molds in accordance with the MIM characteristics and reasonable process pairing are the keys to this process.


In a vacuum furnace or an atmosphere furnace, frame binder can be removed. Metal powder will be densified and transformed into full metal body under the temperature close to the melting point. After cooling, sintering parts are near finished shape.


The technology of Metal Injection Molding has developed rapidly in 21 century. The most promising in the field of international powder metallurgy a new net shaping technology and has been hailed as "the most popular international metal parts forming technology". MIM has been widely applied to produce metal products for aerospace, automobile, military, medical equipment, hardware, tools and so on. 

Iron base alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloy, tungsten alloy, hard alloy, titanium alloy,
magnetic materials, Kovar alloy, fine ceramics, etc.


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