Investment Casting


Also named as “precision casting” or “lost-wax casting”, investment casting is a traditional but advanced metal-forming process. Wax pattern would be made according to the item shape, so that high dimensionally accurate & intricate parts could be produced.

• parts can be casted with little or no machining
• time and money by combining complex parts together
• it is possible to produce a very wide variety of products across different industries
• smooth surface without a parting line

• this process is usually limited to smaller casting
• it requires longer production lead time versus other casting processes.

Expertise since 2003

investment casting process


Our experienced technicians team will communicate with you about your idea of the product. Based on years of experience in working with different projects, they will offer the professional suggestions on your drawings & metal selection to optimize your design’s castability at a reasonable price.

The application of CAE casting software will also do help to forecast the casting defects based on your current designs. To maximize clients’ value, it is possible to convert multi-piece components to a single investment casting that you save on time and cost. High precision finished pieces will need no welding or assembly that will required using other method. 


Water soluble wax cores(green in the photograph) are special products primarily used to create critical internal cavity in a casting and suitable for making hollow items. 

If the internal features cannot be shelled due to size or ability to get the slurry far enough into the wax pattern, then a solid ceramic must be utilized. Ceramic cores (white in the photograph) are ideal for complex casting processes primarily used for forming cavities that are too small or complex to be machined within investment casting procedures. 

In order to form dimensionally accurate ceramic mold, soluble wax cores or ceramic cores are designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency. 


To supply castings in a more efficient way, GreatWell Metals has been evolving in-house tooling capabilities and meet our customers's expectation since 2010. We have a tool shop with our qualified tool makers using vertical machining centers and other equipments to create the tooling necessary for various casting projects. In some cases, our in-house tool will reduce your cost and fast the tool modifications to accommodate engineering changes.

Our in-house tool capabilities allow us to create the most manufacturable components in the most cost-effective.  


GreatWell Metals has implemented automatic shelling system since 2012. When robots are introduced, they are programmed to reproduce actions of skilled operators. Sometimes they operate faster with standardized shell coating.

This part of the process is well suited for robotic automation as the shells are heavy and dirty. Workers also appreciate that the shelling system improves their quality of life in the workplace with cleaner environment as well as less physical stress.  


As we known, near net shape can be produced by investment casting. But our in-house machining team is also ready for any of your machining requirement. Surface treatment services such as polishing, plating & PVD are also provided to deliver to you a turnkey metal part.

stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and etc.

Concerning the metal materials which GreatWell Metals works on, please check the Metal Selection List.

Concerning the casting tolerances, please check the General Tolerance of Investment Casting.


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GreatWell Metals produces kinds of steel parts and aluminium parts according to customers' drawings. Our advanced production lines include lost-wax casting, cnc machining and MIM.

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