CNC Machining


CNC machining is a process to produce precise and complex metal parts repeatly exact the same over and over again. Compared to other machining and casting methords, one person can surpervise more than one CNC machines once they are programmed which could reduce the labor cost. CNC machinining has been widely used in manufacturing industries. GreatWell Metals has been looking far to built the in-house CNC maching workshop since 2015.  With more than 10 years experience, we have a team of skilled programmers and opertators who can undertake your machining requirements in a wide range of industries.

included but not limited to

• Turning: To creat a cylinder or a face at righ angles to the axis        
•  Drilling: To produce holes
•  Milling:To feed the workpiece past a rotating cutter
•  Grinding: To produce an accurate surface finish
•  Shaping:  To produce flat surface
•  Planing: To produce flat surfaces
•  Sawing: To cut short lenghts of long sections


GreatWell Metals can apply CNC machining to do most of the metals and plastics. These materials are what we commonly machine:

• All grades of Stainless Steel
• All grades of Aluminum
• Titanium
• Waspaloy
• Brass / Bronze / Copper

For metal materials which GreatWell Metals works on, please check our Metal Selection List.


About GreatWell Metals
GreatWell Metals produces kinds of steel parts and aluminium parts according to customers' drawings. Our advanced production lines include lost-wax casting, cnc machining and MIM.

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GreatWell Metals Company is an ISO9001:2008 certified factory of metal parts
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