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Daily work of Investment Casting Engineer

We know that different casting process would be impacted the product quality. But good engineers also have an impact on the product quality. 

The control of process often needs the experience of engineers, then means that an Experienced precision casting engineer who needs to be able to combine theory with practice is important. 

What do the daily work of investment casting Engineer?

1. Design the casting process of new products 

2. Solve the technical problems in the process of casting production 

3. Be responsible for technical guidance to production workers 

4. Inspect and urge the production workers to carry out production operations according to relevant standards, processes and specifications 

5. Responsible for casting tooling design, equipment selection, raw material selection and performance verification 

6. Responsible for the training of casting workers operators 

7. Responsible for guiding the casting process and improving the process 

8. Carry out new process and technology tests, improve casting quality, reduce the waste and manufacturing costs

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