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What is the accumulation for precision casting

The accumulation of materials is not a simple accumulation of materials. It is not purely increasing the number of layers. So what is accumulation?

In the precision casting shell , part of the surface is relatively rough.

1.How is this accumulation produced ?

In some cases, the control material of the final sealing layer is not poured, and the final slurry is formed. That is the result of uneven control of materials. People often see a daze on the surface after the sand-hanging operation, some on the runner and some on the wax mold. It is a problem of uneven material control . Sometimes the control material has to be turned over continuously, that is , the coating is required to form a uniform thickness film on the surface of the wax mold module. If the operation is not appropriate, it will form a stun and a bump . It is a kind of material accumulation. In fact , the accumulation of materials we are talking about refers to an incorrect operation method that causes the wall thickness of the shell to increase under the same production conditions.

2.What are the consequences of the accumulation?

(1) It increases the wall thickness of the shell for no reason, resulting in increased heat dissipation resistance.

(2) It increases the accumulation of slurry . In fact, the accumulation of refractory powder results in poor local air permeability of the casting.

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