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Do you have any plan if the pump accessories have to be repaired or replaced?

Pumps play a vital role behind the scenes in our daily life, maintaining the flow of crop irrigation water; Realize power generation; Support oil and gas and manufacturing processes. We will never know how much we depend on these important assets. 

What we have not considered is that even the most reliable pumps will eventually succumb to wear, erosion, corrosion or fatigue. When that time comes, it is important to have a plan for repair and replacement parts to ensure that the pump can be put back into service quickly. 

The key to an effective solution is to quickly find replacement parts, even if the original equipment manufacturer is no longer able to provide support. 

The project can be measured quickly and very accurately by the scanner and CMM in GreatWell metals, so as to capture all the necessary data of 3D CAD drawings. 

After the castings are obtained by precision casting process according to the drawings, combined with CNC, the milling or turning of the machine is used to finally complete the internal and external surface treatment to obtain the required products.

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GreatWell Metals produces kinds of steel parts and aluminium parts according to customers' drawings. Our advanced production lines include lost-wax casting, cnc machining and MIM.

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