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The Advantage of CNC machining

With the increasing degree of digitization and information, CNC numerical control machine tools are become more and more applicable to major enterprises. Compared with ordinary processing machine tools, what are the advantages of CNC machine tools ?

1.The degree of automation is high. CNC numerical control machine tools can reduce the operator’s physical labor intensity. It is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start tool setting, load and unload parts, and change molds. During the processing , it is mainly for observation and supervision when the machine is running.

2.The machined parts have high precision and stable quality . The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the CNC machine  tool are high. It is easier to ensure the consistency of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable with careful operation, the parts can be guaranteed higher machining accuracy . The use of numerical control processing machine is helpful to avoid the drawbacks of manual and fully automated.

3.The production efficiency is high . The CNC machining is more suitable to produce the pats in batch. It can quickly complete the production for the small and medium batches and achieve great competiveness in the market. CNC machine process can proceed multiple processing surfaces in clamp once again.

Generally speaking, only the first part is inspected , it can save a lot of intermediate process in ordinary machine tool process,such as scribing, size inspection,etc. Because the quality of the parts produced by CNC is stable,its overall efficiency is obviously improved.

4.Flexible processing capacity . CNC machining has flexible production capacity and can produce customized machined parts . It is acceptable to reprogram the CNC machine tools in a short time to produce different products.

5.CNC numerical control processing machines can process complex parts. It is difficult to make with conventional methods. Computer-aided design software is used to create the 3D design of the assembly. After inputting it into the computer of the CNC machine tool , the machine tool can cut the product out of the material to achieve accurate specifications. It can easily create components with complex shapes and save production time.

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